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Deleye, the food service brand of Joriba Bakery, is the result of 30 years of craftsmanship and a passion for patisserie. Our desserts are a blend of unique flavors and textures, created with the finest ingredients and made with the utmost care by our Pastry Chefs in our atelier in Belgium. Each dessert tells a different story, with its unique shape and taste. Are you looking for a classic, such as chocolate, almond or raspberry? Or looking for something more adventurous, such as yuzu or tonka? Deleye offers a dessert for everyone.

Our catalog

Discover our renewed range to respond even more to market developments such as convenience, individual pastries and mini indulgences. In addition to a fully finished range, we also have a range of semi-finished desserts that can be finished even further. These form the perfect basis for your own touch according to taste, season or occasion.

An investment program for the purchase of production machinery was financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Wallonia. The financing of these investments is made up of a Regional premium of 12% and a premium financed by the European Union of 8%.